Hair at Ridley Park Blyth Hairdressers NE243HF 01670365009 - Lockdown Tips Avoid Damaged Hair & Cheap Box Dyes

Don’t give in to temptation during lockdown. Box dyes may be cheap and possibly quicker to do, but they don’t come with the professional products and experience you pay for in a salon. Here are a few reasons to resist the temptation during lockdown…

It’s bad for your hair

There’s a reason box dye is so cheap! To keep their costs low, box dye manufacturers use low quality dyes, chemicals, and additives. Although the colour applied to your hair is usually semi-permanent, damage can be very much permanent with your hair left more porous than normal, making it harder to get an even colour, until it’s cut off!!

You won’t achieve even colour

Most client’s hair is more porous towards the ends. This means your colour takes faster on the ends than at the roots, making them darker. Box dyes are known as progressive dyes, meaning every time you use one, the pigment builds on to itself and gets darker every time you apply it. This creates a battle with lighter roots. This does not happen with salon hair colours as they do not contain harmful henna or metallic salts amongst other potentially harmful additives.

Everybody’s hair is different

There are loads of things to consider while developing a formula for hair colour, such as hair type, hair condition, hair colour, whether it’s been coloured before, any medication or allergies that may affect the client or their skin/hair. Theses all affect the desired outcome. However, box dyes are formulated with maximum allowable amounts of pigment, ammonia and additives, so it’ll be guaranteed to work on most people on most hair types. However, this unnecessary overload of ingredients is detrimental on hair health and increases the likelihood of allergic reactions, regardless of whether or not your individual hair needs that strength in colour or peroxide.

Box dye doesn’t last as long as professional salon applied colour

If box dyes lasted as long as professionally applied salon quality hair colours, professionals would use them! But they don’t!! Professionals mix up the perfect formula consisting of the right strength, colour and tone that suits YOU! As much as box dyes are cheap, it will only end up costing you more to get your colour corrected and for products to restore your hair’s health and condition.

In conclusion… DON’T DO IT!!

These are just a few of the reasons why professional hairdressers spend a significant amount of time training (years!!), so don’t give in to temptation and leave your hair in our hands! 🙂